Don’t Forget To Soak Your NUTS!


At the moment, my kitchen counter looks like a science lab!  Just call me the “nutty professor!”  I’ve got jars upon jars lined up, filled with nuts, seeds, and other interesting items ready to soak for upcoming recipes. Why do I soak my nuts, you ask?

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Grow It Forward!

seed packets

As much as I love finding local farmers markets to meander about, I adore the fruits and veggies of our own potager!  There’s something euphoric about growing your own food.  Does anyone else feel this way?  Planting a seed, nurturing it, and watching it grow is “sow” amazing to me.  Being

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Raw Lasagna Pie


Mamma Mia!  Raw Lasagna Pie!  Meatless, gluten free and dairy free doesn’t mean you have to say “Arrivederci” to lasagna.

I think most of you have a signature recipe or a secret or two up your sleeve that brings down the house.  Well, I think I’ve found mine …

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Lime in de Coconut Shaker


I put de lime in de coconut, and shake it all up.  I put de lime in de coconut, and I drank ’em bot’ up!

I poured some for my Mama as she was sufferin’ from the heat.  Now lemme just repeat…

I put de lime in

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Kale Crackers


WARNING:  These kale chips are CRACK(ers)!

Homemade spicy hummus, fresh salsa and pretty much anything spicy has been on our eating repertoire these days.  Just the other day, the hubs and I were making our latest batch of spicy kale chips and we kicked it up double

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Plum Salsa


In my last post I shared the perfect way to save the plethora of summer fruit for winter (or anytime, for that matter), tastes of summer all rolled up!  Today, let’s live in the moment, enjoy the now and feast on this lively little number: Plum Salsa.  Just like

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PLUM Crazy!


We over at Healthy Heyday are just “Plum Crazy!”  Our Santa Rosa plum tree is making us very happy!  It’s producing and giving me a challenge each day to make something out of these juicy, succulent gems (before the birds get them all)!  The next few days I will be sharing

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And Sow On and Sew On …


It seems all I’ve been doing of late is sowing and sewing!  I find both to be “sow/sew” therapeutic.  What is it that takes you away from it all?  Step into my world for a millisecond of joy…

PORTER & KAUAI – Garden Keepers and Tour Guides

First, let’s

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How Does Your Garden Grow?


My garden grows with the help of my spotted pals,

And their ever-happy tails.

And so my garden grows!

I find the garden both soothing and rewarding.  Whether we live in the country or the city, the garden touches all of us.  In

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Food With Roots


The farm-to-table concept has found a unique home in Temecula.  Local renowned Chef Leah Di Bernardo opened E.A.T. Marketplace and Café earlier this year.  E.A.T. was launched as an off shoot of her previous catering company Delytes Fine Foods. Extraordinary Artisan Table (E.A.T.) was put together to honor those who embrace

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