Happy “Clean” 2013

When I woke up this morning, you were on my mind.  Yes, you were on my mind!  (I think I belted that out as good as We Five back in 1965!)  Hello, my Healthy Heyday peeps and a *sparkly* do-over, shiny, blank canvas, full of promise, hopeful, brand spankin’ New Year to you all!  I’m so ready for a new slate and look forward to what 2013 brings.

In the past four months, so much has happened.  Obviously, the blog hit pause while … well … while life happened.  Family matters coupled with the holidays have kept us very busy.  Of late, you can find me in the kitchen or stitchin!’  In the kitchen, the hubs and I have been concocting new recipes – raw vegan and cooked vegan – that I am anxious to share.  Swapping the knife for needle and thread, I’ve kept myself in stitches with my newfound hobby – quilting and embroidery.  I’m sure I’ll share a “behind the seams” picture or two in posts to come.  😉  But for now, let’s get on with the show!  2013 … BRING IT!

In 2013, it’s my goal to master the art of flying into each new day with great expectations and explore with childlike wonder.  Anyone can find their wanderlust at any age, anytime, any place.  Wont’ you join me?

What better time than now to clean up our act, right?  Whether it be diet or bad habits, it can be done!

I find the charm of a New Year simply irresistible!  Resolutions are overrated!  I make New Year’s Intentions.  Intention lists made, intended goals set, and risks are ready to be taken!  I’m a firm believer that “life changes” come in many flavors and that perspective is not one size fits all.

So many of us gear up in our pursuit to change by setting unrealistic goals, having high expectations – only to get discouraged, let down or fail.  Don’t be so hard on yourself!  This year, why not take a kindler, gentler approach.  Know your goals.  Write them down and share them with a friend to keep yourself accountable.  Keep a journal to track your progress, accomplishments and struggles.  Perhaps at the end of the week you can reward yourself for a job well done!  😉  If you happen to go wayward on whatever journey (goals) you have chosen, STOP, get out your compass – redirect yourself.  Every day is a NEW day.  Start anew, don’t give up.

I have always felt that every new day is a new beginning, a new start – a new moment to embrace.  Each day brings another moment to believe – in yourself, in others, in whatever you hold true to your heart.  Each day is a fresh opportunity to recreate, evolve, to try again … and again … and again.  With each day there is anticipation, wonder, new layers of life, a bevy of inspiration to explore.  Gather all the little pieces you are given – the essential ingredients, the highs and lows, the glories, the storms – and be inspired!  A hard won vision, listening to your gut – your inner voice.  Follow your compass or find it!

In the coming year, I hope to spend more time focused on the things I am most passionate about, my health, my family and my creative pursuits top the list.  What will be your focus?

Life is a true movable feast just waiting for YOU … embrace it … live it … breathe it!!!

Cheers to you, to each new day…to a new and wondrous year!


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