Grow It Forward!

As much as I love finding local farmers markets to meander about, I adore the fruits and veggies of our own potager!  There’s something euphoric about growing your own food.  Does anyone else feel this way?  Planting a seed, nurturing it, and watching it grow is “sow” amazing to me.  Being grounded with nature, there’s no better feeling.  The rewards of reaping what you sow is priceless!  When I enter and close the garden gate behind me I’ve entered another world…literally!  The enchanting, eclectic aura of my garden transmits my soul to such a peaceful place.  When I’m weeding the beds, I’ve managed to “weed out” my mind, as well.  😉

I find growing your own food so empowering!  To be able to grow vitamins in your own backyard … it’s thrifty, it’s patriotic, it’s life changing!  From one tiny seed you reap so much more.  The benefits are endless.  There is no guess work as to where your food has come from.  Take a look in the mirror and salute yourself, Farmer!  😉

Last year our garden didn’t produce as much as in the past.  But, I tell you what, it was enough.  And for that, I am grateful.  Hail to the kale, as it is STILL producing!  Love my kale!

Reaping the last bit of our summer crops.

We were able to make many a Raw Lasagna Pie‘s, Raw Pasta, Raw Marinara Sauce, Salsa, Kale Chips & Crackers, Salads galore and MORE with our bounty!

Sitting down perusing the organic seed catalogs, as we speak, to plan our upcoming crops.  The preparation and anticipation make me lust for spring!  Although, my “spring fever” broke temporarily this past weekend with the temps rising into the high 70’s.  :-)  We spent a day turning the beds, incorporating our worm compost into the beds, and taking inventory.  I was “diggin'” it!

This year we are going to sprout our seeds early, indoors.  We will do the raised beds again, as they were a hit and great deterrent to the varmints!

Is a garden in your plans this year?  What will you grow?  How will you “grow” it forward?



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2 comments to Grow It Forward!

  • Agreed on gardening and I’ve read it’s beneficial for happiness and purpose. I’m not growing much now since the weather is a bit cold, the kale, broccoli, and cauliflower in my garden are just hanging in there. But I’m looking forward to redoing it for spring this year with more kale, squash, and melons.

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